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Need help to restrict BT to VPN connection


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My ISP is throttling bt and I've setup a VPN connection to my frd's server using WinXP VPN connection. It's working properly but the only problem is, once the VPN connection has dropped, utorrent will keep on sending request through LAN, which will be detected by my ISP. Is there any way to restrict utorrent to use the VPN only, eg. trigger a re-connection of the VPN and wait until the VPN is properly connected?

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What is causing the VPN connection to be dropped?

Is dropping happening often?

(In other words, even if you can't solve the problem, can you make the problem less likely to happen?)

Is DHT, UPnP, resovlve ips/show country flags disabled in µTorrent?

(If you think µTorrent is somehow causing the VPN connection to drop, they may be causing it!)

Have you also tried setting net.outgoing_port to the same as µTorrent's incoming listening port?

What about setting net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip to the same value?

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