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4 out of 1954 peers? Ridiculous!


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First off, I'm not a noob. I understand things.

With that out of the way, let me regale my tale. Four hours of FAQs, TCP tweaks, port assignments, speed tests, and god knows what else, I'm still getting horribly crappy speeds. I have Comcast 6Mbps cable, which in and of itself might be the problem, but we'll go for the optimistic point of view that I can fix this without switching providers. I have NO firewalls, Win XP firewall disabled, NO router, nothing. I shouldn't have any interference from any of the programs I'm running, unless AIM decided it would rotate its port frequency to match uTorrent. I've tried different DNS servers, port 1720, high ports upwards of 65533, lazy bitfield, the TCP patch, changing my RWIN value, private trackers (which I would normally get upwards of 300kB/s, and am now maxing out at 45kB/s), but to no avail. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Oh, but uTorrent shows me a green checkmark, and the private tracker I frequent shows me as connectable. Irony gold.

What on earth is left? Currently, I'm randomizing my ports to see if anything helps. Nothing so far, and here's what I'm looking at for stats on my torrents. I pause them and download one at a time, just for added.. I don't know what. Makes me feel better.

Seeds Peers Down Up

Torrent 1 18(56) 73(402) 33.7kB/s 25.4kB/s (Private tracker)

Torrent 2 4(18) 1(37) 3.2kB/s 17.6kB/s

Torrent 3 1(489) 4(1954) 4.6kB/s 8.8kB/s

Torrent 4 19(40) 8(32) 10.6kb/s 18.9kB/s

Dslreports.com is giving me 5293/352 Kbps speed, so I'm using 384k in the speed guide to get my settings. This in and of itself could be wrong, what with small k's and large K's, but it seems the only logical setting. If you can think of another, enlighten me.

Any thoughts?

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I checked the xx/384k Speed Guide settings, and it seems you're already connecting to more ips than it allows max.

...did you change any settings beyond using the xx/384k choice?

Sometimes, a torrent grabs the "lion's share" of your global connections -- leaving the other torrents few connections. That alone can explain the 4 connected out of 1954 peers -- your private torrent is "stealing" most of your global connections. Either lower the max connections PER torrent or raise the global connections.

Just remember that MORE connections = more overhead, so you may be reducing your overall download + upload speeds by increasing global connections!

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