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trouble getting started...


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Hi, sorry to bother with what is probably a simple thing,

I have installed the new software, today, twice. I have moved the zip file to the correct location and verified that via start-run. I have checked my port forwarding (which was fine when I started) and it is fine, green lights etc. and the test works and states that incoming connections will be fine. My client is noted as connectable at trackers....

My problem is when I try to connect, using the standard line ( with ) I get a message in Firefox 2.0 (installed fresh today) that a connection cannot be made:

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

is the actual error message

All I am trying to do is test that I can even look at one computer on my wireless with another, haven't even considered the idea of using it for remote access ! I also tried putting in the term "localhost" instead of the 127.... same result.

I did try to get help in the IRC channel. Could not get the attention of anyone to help. One person did say to talk to Ultima but he/she was gone.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. I am sorry to be soo dumb as to not be able to do the setup myself.


edit.P.S. did read thru the 17 pages of general problems but did not see the answer...

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Sounds to me like you have misunderstood the setup of the WebUI.

Just so we are on the same wavelength. What you are trying to do is control utorrent on one PC on your network via another PC on your network, using the WebUI.

First off you will need to install the webUI on the PC you are trying to control

Second you will need to know the internal IP of the PC you are trying to control (this is the step i think u misunderstood)

Thirdly you will need to use that internal IP in the URL in the browser on the machine you are using the webui on.

Obviously when using the webui from a computer outside your network this wont be a problem as the portforwarding rules will automatically take you to the correct PC on the network. If you havent already then please look here for help on getting an external address that is easy to remember.

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Hi IC, thanks for your message. I was tired when I wrote my messages last night and probably didn't describe things well.

The PC which I use to download via utorrent is PC#1, it has the utorrent WebUI beta installed and it is functioning fine. PC#1 has an internal IP addy of I have checked all of the various factors: port forwarded, location of the zip file, etc. It is all according to the readme and the various messages I've read here.

I am trying to look-at/control PC#1 from PC#2, PC#2 it has an internal IP address of It has the freshly loaded version of Firefox 2.0 on it.

Ultima asked about the logger tab on PC#1 I assume and that is the one that is blank (utorrent is not on PC#2). I am assuming that he is refering to the log tab in utorrent. My guess (currently) is that the request is never getting to PC#1 at all due to some setup issue, hence the lack of anything in the logger file.


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