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MAYDAY!!! download speed SO SLOW all of a sudden...


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Help!!! I usually downlad at speeds from 50 to 120 kbps...but when i got home a few minues ago, the speed was not even above 1 kpbs!!! Wht could have happened? anyone help out please...

Considering the fact i am uploading st speeds above 80kpbs right now...the download speed is just 0.01 kbps!!! ARGH!!!

BTW, i checked the PIECES tab beside the FILES tab, and there it says AVAILABILITY 0. What does this all mean?

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If availability is ZERO, there's nothing available for you to download...and in fact the only download bandwidth being used is to track what parts you have to share to others.

The case may be the torrents are dead.

Are you firewalled in µTorrent (yellow or red icon at bottom of µTorrent window)?

If you're firewalled, there may be hope -- unfirewalled you may finally connect to a firewalled seed to finish the download.

Also, try enabling Peer Exchange and/or DHT. DHT can be hard on connections, as it uses UDP packets which many modems, routers, and firewalls don't handle well in large quanities. Both of them may find additional sources for you to download from.

What settings are you using as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

...and lastly, how fast is your internet connection -- both UPLOAD and Download?

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