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General Etiquette Regarding Seeding & Ratio


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Hello All;

I'm the newbie from Ellada, Ellas (The Greece)

Anyway, I viewed the FAQ and searched previous posts, I didn't quite find this question.

I always seem to have a higher Upload speed than Download speed. So, usually I get to the 1:1 ratio well before I even downloaded the complete file.

So, should I just be happy I'm a nice person and know that no one will be mad at me since I never seem to finish the download before I meet the ratio?

But, if I immediately close down the torrent as soon as it finishes (with ratios usually about 1:20) should I still feel guilty because I haven't really left it for 24 hours after downloading? OR since I've met my ratio than I shouldn't worry.

And my PERSONAL thoughts are I'd much rather have a higher ratio and be a stand-up guy.

Any thoughts?

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Are you using Forced start for any of those torrents?

They would be overriding your queued settings if you do.

Also, if they are uploading at 1 KB/sec or less then they don't count against the limit. ...there's an advanced feature you can change to prevent that though.

...there's also a similar feature for downloads going to slow not counting against the max torrent limit. You may want to disable that as well.

What Speed Guide (CTRL+G) settings are you using?

There may be some other things you can do to minimize effects on others who are using the same DSL.

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As far as I'm concerned, once I have seeded to 1:1, I don't owe anyone anything, and I don't feel guilty closing the torrent. But seeding is not about feeling guilty or being a nice person. That is not why I seed. When deciding how much I should seed a torrent, the only criterion in making that decision is my assessment of how much the swarm needs me to seed, and how much of that need I can reasonably fulfill. It's that simple. To give a short and simplistic example, if the torrent has over 100 seeds, I close it as soon as I finish downloading, without even looking at my ratio. If the torrent has below 10 seeds, I will seed to at least 1:1. Of course, there are other factors that I take into consideration, like the quality of the torrent, how many other torrents I'm seeding at the time, my line speed, etc. It's common sense.

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Simplified even further, look for torrents that need more seeds to stay available a week or 2 from now. I've stopped seeding with 0.2 ratio when the seeds are high and come back a week or 2 later to reach 1:1 or better.

It doesn't do much good if you're "seeding" a torrent at <0.5 KB/sec per upload slot. When I'm overloaded with active torrents, I stop some, slow others to 1 KB/sec and 1 upload slot, and choose the one most likely to finish downloading soon to HIGH priority.

Note: I don't download from private torrent sites...however some of the sites I go to have infrequent vistors so torrents sometimes go dead were it not for me reseeding them.

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some answer to your questions:

- I'm Not using forced start.

speed guide settings:

- xx/256k

- upload Limit: 22kB/s

- Connections (per torrent) 70

- Max active torrents: 2

- Upload Slots: 3

- Connections (global): 130

- max active downloads: 1

For Harry Poppins: Thanks for some no-nonsense good advice!

To Both of you: Thanks for the help you've given and any you other ideas you have.

Cheers from the Greece

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I only feel guilty about closing a torrent with a >1.0 ratio if I am the only seed. But sometimes there is like 5 people who finished the torrent while I was seeding and then ran of leaving me alone again. If that happens I am a goner too. They better come back and reseed. This only happens on public trackers though.

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