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Two or three easy questions.

1. I am using a small HDD as master but my slave HDD is big. How can I get Utorrent to automatically write to slave?

2.I went through the Beginners guide which is good until the Router incoming and outgoing specifics.

Do both have the name I asigned? or does one if them have another address? The explanation does not differentiate clearly between incoming, which is shown on graphic and outgoing which is not. Also do we really uncheck the UPnP button at beginning of explanation when the graphic shows it checked..

I use the Zone alarm free. What di I put in the Truste Zone area? It asks for Name, IP address site, Entry type and Zone.

Many thanks

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1. Um... just point to the other hard drive when µTorrent asks where you want to save the files...

2. If you forward your ports manually (which you appear to be doing), then yeah, disable UPnP. ZoneAlarm is NOT recommended, especially the free edition. If you need another free firewall, check out Comodo.

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