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im real slow download speeds on almost every torrent around 7kbs


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almost everything i download has an average speed of 7kbs - 12kbs a file went to 20+kbs the other day but thats the fastest i have ever gotten i have 1024kbs dsl why is it so slow i have opened a port and made the ip static and everything i have a green icon at the bottom i have also opened the same port number in my firewall aslwell as adding utorrent to the allowed list. the file i was downloading had about 120 seeds and 300 peers and i was connected to 7 peers and 21 seeds why such a slow speed when there is a lot of seeds? this happens with most of my torrents.

i thaught i was getting great speeds when i hit 20kbs but then i heard some people get speeds between 80kbs and 120kbs. i get that speed when downloading from a web site but not torrents can anyone give me some advice?

i have windows xp with the sp2 and i get updates for it every time i can. would the version of internet explorer have anything to do with it?

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