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Problems with your torrents speeds TRY THIS!


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ipconfig /renew

arp -d

nbtstat -R

nbtstat -RR

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

ping -n 240



Place the bat on your desktop double-click to run, leave it running as long as the torrent is running. Just close it when not needed.

see what it does for you....HAPPY SURFING!

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Yep...you hit the nail on the head..

After A H/D Reformat new XP Install no change

Even used Protocol Analyzer .....saw nothing....nadda...squat.

By chance Reset the Lan from Taskbar and torrent settled down for awhile ....said hmmmm strange..... tried again....same thing

As long as I reset...torrent performed......but VERY TEDIOUS doing all that resetting crap

So went to GODS (Microsoft) website to see what actually happens here's page if your interested....


Said to myself.....self.....what if I put this into a Batch and just HAMMER this sucker.... and for me it worked.....thru-put went up about 35% on a fully seeded torrent ...and I mean Flat line at near the MAX of my DL/Speed for the full torrent....so try...don't try it's your choice.

Or as the Chinese are fond of saying "LESS MEN....MORE SHARE"


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Got curious enough to take my PC to another location...using another ISP. Did not need this PROGGY to obtain similar results. My conclusion is that something or SOMEONE is "interfering" with downloads on my home line. How has this little doo-dad...changed things ??? I really can't say....and I don't think my ISP would share that info with me. All I do know is that those 9 lines of code have worked wonders for ME. My line has never given better than 27KB Max on a 256K DSL and today I've just completed a 13.5 hr 1.27 GB download that AVERAGED 23.1KB ....not too shabby.....so as I said before...try or don't try...is YOUR choice..

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I posted this little "fix" over a week ago ....so far over 1200 reads....and NO FEED-BACK ..nadda..zilch....squat. I thought (maybe wrongly) that this Forum was a Help forum to find answers ...solutions etc. When I originally came up with this post I was looking for answers as to WHY THIS WORKS FOR ME....and if so would it work for those of you with similar (disimalar) problems. But without ANY FEED-BACK....it's a non-starter. Our man ULTIMA is concerned with the "correct" settings in U-Torrent....but when those are checked and rechecked for the umpteenth time ...then other measures have to be tried....and RESULTS SHARED or in the TORRENT WORLD...is sharing a dirty word? I might add that MY PROBLEMS OCCURED with G3, BITCOMET and BITORRENT....so it is NOT exclusive to U-TORRENT there is something else going on.

Is it an O/S problem?.....don't know...no FEED-BACK

Is it an ISP problem?.....don't know...no FEED-BACK

Has anybody else tried my fix?...don't know...no FEED-BACK

Tried ...didn't work......Don't know.....NO FEED-BACK

Let's try sharing folks..

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... =T

Truth be told, you didn't actually ask for any specific feedback... to me (and I'm sure to most other people who viewed this thread), they saw this as a "solution for you" kind of thread, not a "try this and tell me how everything works and such." Yes, I'm 'concerned with the "correct" settings' because very often, it IS a case of misconfiguration. Since you said it works on someone else's connection, the problem clearly lies either with your own networking hardware, or your connection itself. What else can be said? In either case, the problem is *almost* clearly that you are overloading your connection, which is why I would suggest the link in my signature in the first place.

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