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Right click copy to clipboard feature


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A quick and simple way to show others the statistics on one of your torrents.

Something like right click torrent "copy stats to clipboard"

ctrl + v = Torrent name - torrent size - total downloaded - total uploaded - download speed - upload speed - ratio

Maybe with a editable line so users can choose what to show and in what order.

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:oops: Thank you for clearing that up.

Is it possible to edit this line somewhere since with the spacing it looks pretty bad when pasted into IRC.

Would be best to replace the spaces with - or something else.


Of course all my torrents are legal... :shifty:

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Grrr... Still doesn't work. =[

Why do I always have problems with this stuff? Why can't things just go right for once? This is ridiculously stupid.

EDIT: OK, this may actually be my problem: when you open the utorrent configuration generator (it's supposed to be version, right?), there's the "1-7 usage instructions." Number two says, "Change the column order. Enable/Disable Columns." I was just wondering what that means exactly.... Mind explaining?

I'm pretty sure I have the correct versions of .net and gtsdll.

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You're using a very old version. Thats why i told you to grab the zipped release from the CHANNEL, and not the site, since version will not work for v1.2 ..

Use the new versions (v1.0.2.0, either .NET or CLI-C versions).

The label just means: make whichever columns you want visible (right click the column headers), order them as you want, and quit uTorrent so the settings get saved.

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Yeah, that's where I got confused.... There is no zipped release of the configuration generator in #gtsdll. If I'm supposed to be looking in the channel topic for it, it's not there.

EDIT: Nevermind I got it... You didn't tell me that the zipped release is a gtsdll download. I was told by somebody in the channel that the updated version of the configuration generator was in the "extras" folder. What I was looking for was a stand-alone generator zip file. Please be more specific next time.

Anyway nice little program you created here. I appreciate it.

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