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I've noticed some odd behavior with the RSS download, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's bugs:

I have a feed that consists of multiple tv shows I like to download. So in the filter box I've just put a *, and in the Not box, I just wrote HR (since I don't care for the HR versions, and they show up on the same feed.) Now when I press ?, the HR shows on the feed come up as hits. In addition, they show up in my releases with a check mark next to them, as well as in my history, but none of them have ever actually downloaded.

The problem is, occasionally (and randomly as far as I can tell) the feed will treat episodes I want this way as well. I have to manually go to the feed in the releases tab and right click the torrent and click open before it starts downloading. So I'm suspecting that maybe it's just a coincidence that it's never dl'ed an HR episode, and my filters are maybe set up wrong, or the whole rss feed implementation is sort of hit or miss. I'd appreciate any input.

EDIT: I've only tried the feed with one website, so it could be the website as well, I suppose.

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