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Upld Spd: ZERO, 100% Disk overload, 2nd USB EXT HD Recently Installed


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Hello all:

I'm still new and poked around the archives looking for this three-some problem happening concurrently but didn't see a correlation so I thought I'd ask:


I tried downloading a 5GB torrent:

- Right away I noticed, "100% Disk Overload, and also ZERO Upload speed but 30-40 download speed, and also I'm having my downloads go right to that external USB (bus powered) Western Digital HD because my main HD has only 2.5GB left of free space.

So, although I realize that initially you can have a 100% disk overload when it starts, BUT in combo with the ZERO Upload speed, I started to panic and didn't want anyone to think I was leeching so I disconnected after 10 minutes.

Could the external USB Hard drive be keeping people from accessing (uploading) from me? or causing the 100% Disk overload.

Or was I just a nervous nelly and it was normal and maybe I should have just let it go...?


1024/256 speed (speed settings: xx/256)

Main hard drive space left: 2.5 GB

2nd USB external HD Space Left: 50GB

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Ultima, yes, my download speed was about 6-7, but upload zero and it was for 10 minutes and then I disconnected as mentioned.

However, my computer says that it doesn't support a USB 2.0 so speeds are slower. I'm assuming this is why the upload is zero???

Or jeez, maybe it's just that one torrent. Since my last post i did more research and found your (forum) comments about testing with a specific torrent to use as baseline.

So, back to ironing board to try again..

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