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What are your downloads speeds using u-torrent?


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This post is not to instruct anyone how to configure you connection speeds,but rather to offer some input.I will use my connection as an example.I have used u-torrent for the last 2 months.I use http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ to configure my settings in u-torrent.

Results with Adelphia Power Link.

My provider states "Up to 4mb down and 384up"

Speed test on average was + 4000 kbps down / + 300kpbs up.My download speed is 15% above average,but uploads speeds are 20% worse.

Give or take I have between 40-45KB/sec of upload bandwith to configure my connection.I set my download bandwith to unlimited.

I have tried many combinations and settings,but your upload speed directly affects your download speed,so setting this incorrectly will have bad effects.Mainly your download speeds.Under the global settings in u-torrent I set my upload bandwith to 45 KB/sec.

By downloading 3 files I can distribute the upload bandwidth evenly 15-18 KB/sec bewteen each file.This varys,but the global setting creates a good balance distributing upload bandwith) I average 200MB/sec down on all files,and 45KB/sec up on all files.

This varies too,but I have also downloaded on average 3-350MB/sec down on all files with seeders that have fast connections.This seems to give me the most balance and speed using u-torrent.

In my experience bandwith controllers (ie) cFosSpeed might help in equalizing bandwidth speeds when downloading from u-torrent and surfing the net at the same time,but it does not speed up downloads in u-torrent.

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cFosSpeed is a QoS application. QoS applications don't and aren't supposed to speed things up in an absolute sense. They're supposed to manage bandwidth. cFosSpeed can help to allow you to upload at higher speeds without killing your connection, and that's what it's useful for.

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