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UPnP: Port remapping after 24h disconnect


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I don't know if it's common hat ISPs are disconnecting their users after 24h,

but mine does this.

Now my 'problem' is after a disconnect the requested port by UTorrent

gets reseted and is not requested again.

So I have either to close UTorrent or open the port manualy.

Is there any chance that UTorrent maps the port again after a disconnect?

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Of course that would be no big problem to forward it manually.

But I like to keep the ports I forward manually to a minimum,

because the interface of that list is not as clearly laid out as I wished it to be.

Call me lazy but I have 4 PCs connected to my network and

I don't want to remember all the ports I forwarded.

That is why I like to use UPnP,

since this is the reason why it exists (correct me if I'm wrong),

to automatically forward them and take away the work from the user.

As for the security reasons, I don't really care

because in my opinion it's already too late

if an virus/worm could abuse UPnP.

Well if it get implemented I'm happy,

if not I'll survive and forward them manually :D

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