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Hi Guys and Girls,

since a few days I have a problem. My computer started crashing now and again. This problem has been localized (Ordered new RAM). But now following happened to my uTorrent. uTorrent has been "unexpected" closed during those crashes und after reboot from the computer and restart of uTorrent all files have been "stopped" and after restarting them, the files were "checked". As they are quite big files (several GB'S) und almost finished downloading, I faced two problems.

1. Each time after restart I am loosing up to 10% auf my download volume and

2. the "checking" of, approx. 4 files took almost 20!!! hours.

Now my questions. Why am I loosing download volume and secondly why takes the "checking" so long. Is it not possible to shorten or suspend this "checking"? Is this "checking" necessary?

I have nearly googled and checked this forum for more then two hours, but i did not find anything similar. So I deceided to open a new thread. Due to the fact, that I have no other search topics, then (German) pruefen, geprueft, check, checking, etc, the search did not came up with any result.

I am German living in South Africa, therefore the same Thread is also in the Non-English subforum.

I would very grateful if I could obtain any help of a certainly present "genius" in this forum...*ggg*

Hearty greetings from South Africa


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Whatever reason your ram died may have partially killed something else too, such as your motherboard or your hard drive's controller. So they're possibly unreliable as well.

What size pieces are these torrents using?

If it's 4 MB piece size or larger, then you're likely to lose a LOT of unfinished pieces every time µTorrent closes/crashes.

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