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Column Filtering


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I know this isn't a spreadsheet program, but it's interface has the look of a spreadsheet, so it's only logical that tools used in spreadsheets might be useful here as well. A useful tool would be column filtering. I envision that you could right-click a column heading, and see a checklist of unique contents in that column. You could then click or unclick the items you wanted to view or hide. As an example, if I'm currently only interested in seeing my downloads, I could right-click the 'Status' header and unclick all the other status, so only 'Downloading' is checked. In addition to unique items, it could contain a 'custom' setting, where you could choose to hide all Ratios<1, or ETA<24h, or view seeds>1kB/s, etc. This is the same functionality that is present in Excel's 'AutoFilter' feature. For another potentially useful speadsheet feature, see my thread on Consecutive Sorts in the UI forum (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?t=1401). Of course their are more pressing needs, but if it's not overly difficult, and doesn't slow the program down, it would be a nice tool.

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