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multiple hashes


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i dont know if it is possible or not but gave it a good long thought and seems possible to me.

we have multiple tracker can we also have multiple hashes. quite often you find the same download on multiple torrents. now if we can use these multiple torrents together wudnt it be a whole lot better with bigger swarms.

i know it wud be difficult specially with torrents of different piece sizes / file orders but it cud be done.

for eg for diff piece size one cud use multi size piece meaning a piece cud be over lapping or consisting of multiple other pieces. one piece cud be downloaded half as one hash and other half as another hash and then if one of the hashes passes it cud be accepted as well as the remaining of the second piece cud be downloaded and checked against its hash.

i dont think it wud be against good behaviour as multiple trackers are the same thing.

please think this thru and if you want to discuss this more i wud be glad to be of service.

also on second note i wud really prefer a slider in the graphs


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