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Speed problems plzzzzzzzz help me

Perfect Situation

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here's the thing. I have done everthing for micro torrent port forwarding and speed test. but i have a lot of problems downloading. the speed goes to 30kbps and then al off a sudden 0 kbps and never goes up again and the avalibilty is normal. what do i need to do and i use a proxy server could anyone tell me from the beggining what i have to do here is some info...

Speed: 256kbps shared

Router: TP-Link TD-8800

proxy server: dsl.cyberia.net.sa

port: 8080

one more thing when ever i remove my proxy settings the port is forwarding in micro torrent but when its on it gives an error.

plzzz help me i need the speed to be stable.

Thank you very much

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