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Completely new and confused, but appreciate any help.


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My internet setup here is via a wireless signal from a cellphone tower nearby. (I am in Philippines) Is the antennae box thingy on my roof classified as a router for Port Forwarding purposes.

Reason I am asking is I have been playing around with uTorrent in the hope of finding some old TV programs from home (UK) but can not get the program to work. I have configured my firewall (Sygate) (as much as I understand of it anyway) but still have no connection to anything.

I have read everything I can about it, but most times am referred to Port Forward.com which is where I get lost. As I understand it, I only need to forward ports IF I have a router. Can anyone tell me if this is what I have got. By the way, uTorrent tells me "Unable to Map UPnP Port." The only other message I get is when I do a Port Test Check, it tells me that the assigned port does not appear to be open.

I do have the feeling that this might be beyond my capabilities, but would really appreciate it if I could get it working.

Many thanks for any help.


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not familiar with your wireless setup, but with all wireless, the device which makes the connection (either a router or sometimes a linux box unit) will need to be configured. If you don't have access to setup the ports, then you have a problem. You really need to provide a more detailed account of your setup for help to be provided, if it can be.

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