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What License is uTorrent released under?


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I wanted to have a more direct conversation with the developer, but this seems a bit hard, as I have not found the contact button on your site...probably for a good reason.

Anyway, there is a website, which claims to provide unlimited, dvd quality movies, music, games, etc all for $20 a year. When in fact, the only thing they provide is a "members area", not even hosted by them, which has 7 or so branched pages, which provide a childish guide to downloading Ares and uTorrent.

I am aware that Ares is GNU GPL, but I'm not sure about uTorrent. I understand if it was also released under the GPL license, this website would be breaking the terms of the License by building it into their members area - infact the sole item of it, thereby effectively charging people for it.

And once again, they do not actually host any of this themselves, so they cannot claim to charge for the download service either, as ridiculous as that also would be.


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These sites are known scam sites and operate in the grey zone of legality. I doubt Ludde or any other representation is going to try and pursue a case against them because they offer a download (most probably even a link to the utorrent site/download/mirrors) of µtorrent. There are thousands of legal sites out there that offer links or downloads of µtorrent and I don't think Ludde actually minds.

Of course these sites have a different unfriendly approach to µtorrent and mentioned on and thus associated with these sites is annoying but hardly more then a minor nuisance.

The bottom line is you or someone you know is pissed for spending 20 dollars on this scam and know you are looking for a way to get back to them without going through the trouble of pursuing this case with them yourself... sorry if I say so but thats how I think about it.

Its sad that these scam sites exists but pretty much the only way to handle this (besides finding fellow 'victims' and hire a bunch of lawyers to find out if they made any errors in their fine print which you can pursue) is to create awareness about these kinda scams, warn people to not spend cash so easily on the Internet even if it only seems a small amount and always check out reviews of online sellers (whatever they sell).

For example simply googling often result in forums with complaints about a seller.

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Indeed, AFAIK ludde does not restrict redistribution of µTorrent. And about the GPL thing... it's not against the GPL to release GPL'd software under some "members area", as long as the source is provided with it, or upon request. Of course, that doesn't apply to µTorrent since its source isn't even open to begin with.

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