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utorrent freezes my entire pc --> loss of files


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my computer freezes whenever I have utorrent on. It can run for an hour or even a day without freezing, but when it does freeze I loose lots of files. I can't predict when it freezes, and the event log doesn't seem to be showing any problems at all. I am downloading 3 torrents of +/- 8.5 GB

Here is some info about my system:

- no incompatible sftware

- Intel Pentium 4, Windows XP with service pack 2

- Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC

- Panda Antivirus Software 2006 /w firewall installed

- Lynksis Router model nr.: BEFW11S4v4

- patch used to change the number of half open connections to 100

- net.max_halfopen 80 (utorrent)

- port forwarding done correctly

- global max upload rate = 15

- global max download rate = 60

- global max nr of connections = 125

- max nr of connected peers per torrent = 50

- number of upload slots per torrent = 5

- My download speeds are between 10KB/s and 20KB/s (rather slow I think :()

- 4Mb Internet connection

Is there sth I should change? or do?

Please, I could use some good advice. I thank u in advance

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If you are running more than 1 torrent at once, your upload speed is too low for the total number of upload slots (2 torrents x 5 upload slots each = 10 upload slots...so each one gets only about 1.5 KB/sec).

Try reducing upload slots to the default of 4 and check use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%.

Reduce net.max_halfopen back to the default value of 8...even try 4-6 if that doesn't help. This is the most likely cause of problems -- probably your firewall, router, or modem cannot handle this high rate and 'talks trash' back to your computer...causing the crashes.

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