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werid network status reading


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ok this is verry werid to me utorrent just starting doing this have no clue y

i have u torrent 1.6 running on windows xp stander comcast cable conection belkin wireless router

no granted this is not a big deal every thing seam to work fine i download at a good rate no problem but i just notice my litte network icon dosent trun green untill i have downloaded 50% on all the torrents i am downloding it just werid at first i thought i had a network problem rest my router firwal even shut down my modem and rest it made sure i set all the ports ran the speed thing to make sure the ports where open reconfig the firewal but for some reason untill i get 50% of the file it wont turn to green status

but i like i said every thing works fine i pull on average 100 to 300 k downlaod rate just woundering

y it does that

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not sure what u mean by that

but i do have Dynamic ip i beleave from comcast

becuz i know comast charges extra for static ip

but like i said before my utorrent works fine no problem downloading run great just wont turn green

unless i got 50% of the torrent completed now my friend who is on version dsl he said the same thing he run windows 2003 though and no router seeing he just 1 computer

i just reformatted hence y it took me so long respond it left every thing at the default setting and yet it still does it

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