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Problems with proxy,


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I can't answer the previous question but i have to say that i've found problems with the proxy too. Actually, there seems to be not just a few persons having them, according to what i've found searching for topics proxy-related. The thing is, that is the only thing right now that has made me uninstall utorrent, that previously beat azureus by being so much faster (resource-wise) and retaining all features i wanted.

I need to connect through a proxy currently but utorrent just can't do it, i don't know why. I'm using the analog X software btw. It works with everything else so far, including Bit Spirit, that has been my choice of a bit-torrent client so far, but it has things to be worked on and it's banned on some important trackers so... I'd like this to be fixed in utorrent, that would make my world a bit more perfect :P

I've tried http, socks, everything. I'm looking for any suggestion anyways, maybe someone that has achieved it. Remember i'm using the analog X proxy, which works smoothly with most things. Also i've tried sockscap (supossedly makes an app with no self-proxy support work with it), which worked first time then became widely unstable, utorrent hanged and had to be killed several ways, so that's a no.

Ok that's it for now. By the way utorrent is the nº1... but i want my proxy support! :)

ps: sorry for possible mistakes with my english.

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