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Problem : i have download 1.2 gb of file using utorrent


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i have download 1.2 gb of file using utorrent

it contains an .iso file and other file

detials are :

Pieces : 617 x 2.00 MB

Hash : EBE6DEF3D2EBEA1C15CAE2B1F9D09BC545F62602

only the piece 0th is now not available as the seeder is not availabe

i am on 99.8%

the same file is also available on other torrents

of another trackers but it's pieces sizes are of different & it's hash is different

but both of the torrents contain excatly the same files

can i get only part of other one and join in my already downloaded file

help needed plz thx in advance

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I think it might work. Remove the torrent with the missing piece (but NOT the data), then start downloading the other torrent (the one which has seeds, let's call it TorrentB). Now stop TorrentB, copy the data from the torrent with the missing piece to the download location of TorrentB (and overwrite), then start TorrentB again. Utorrent should do a hash check (which should succeed), and then complete the download.

Just to be clear though, this is just theory that I'm basically pulling out my ass, and it assumes a few things that I don't know for a fact that they're true, so I don't really know if it would actually work. If this doesn't work, then I'm out of ideas (other than to wish you good luck waiting for that seeder to come back). It's easy to try though, if you haven't already. Hope that helps.

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You can't mix parts from each torrent archive, but you might be able to download the torrent for the complete archive, point it to a copy of the archive you've already worked on and run a "Force Recheck" to see if there is a chance of completing that way.

If you get something close to the % complete that you currently have, you should be able to finish with the second torrent file.

If 0%, you might as well go with the completed torrent archive.

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