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help please, error message when trying to start torrent.exe

black curtain

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I just downloaded and installed the installer package 1.6

when I click on the desktop shortcut or in the programs menu to start the app I get the following message:

"it seems like u torrent is already running, but not responding."

"Please close all u torrent processes and try again"

I got this message out the gate immediately after install, have tried uninstall and re install to get the same result.

can u help me?


(please forgive the " U " I know it stands for Micro but dont know the keys to type it.)

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Likely there's some other conflict on your computer that needs to be resolved first.

Have you checked for spyware/viruses lately?

Are you running a software firewall? (if so, which one?)

You may need to delete µTorrent's settings folder to see if that's been corrupted.

See the FAQ for how to do that.

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