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how to forward port 11038 for utorrent?


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my utorent shows the following message -

"not connectable. a firewall/router is limiting your network traffic.you need to open up a port so that others can conect to you."

on following the link to check whether my port was being forwarded properly i got the following message:

"Checking port 11038 on

Error! Port 11038 does not appear to be open.


i have already checked my firewalls and they are ok.

my adsl router is:

dsl 502t

the downloads on but it aint fast at all. i have around ten seeds for my download.will doing this 'port forwarding' thing make it easier?

i hav windows xp.

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Erm... The link I provided above TELLS you how to set a static LAN IP up, and it does NOT require ISP intervention. Meaning you're going in the wrong direction here, as we're not talking about a static WAN IP address (which DOES require ISP intervention, and typically costs extra money). Just follow the directions I linked to above...

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