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Speeds are great upto 89.8% on 3 different torrents? :S


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I just recently put a torrent on download.. everything was fine (was gettin brilliant download speeds) upto 89.8% so i left it thinking that someone would seed but nothing happened! So i forgot about that torrent for the time being....

So the next day i try another two differnt torrents.. everything was fine upto 89.8% .... now i start thinking something is wrong!!

Does anyone know the problem or is it just coincidence?

I have forwarded ports and uTorrent says everything is running and working fine. (And whe n I say something is wrong i meen i am only gettin speeds of 0.1KB/s to 0.5 kb/s. It sometimes pushes 1kb/s... Any help would be great!

Thanks, MaRsH0!

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