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Sorting torrents by "status"


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I think Stopped torrents should stay after Downloading and before Seeding and Finished. I have 30+ Finished torrents and sort torrents by Status so that Downloading were on the top. And every time i add new torrent (in stopped mode) or stop a downloading one it drops in the bottom of the list. I have to scroll all my torrents to get it. What do you think?


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It's alphabetical.


Sort by some other method if you don't like it.

1. Alphabetical sorting in status column does not make any sense to me at all. Nonsense.


2. I made an angry answer (sorry) and after that all of a sudden discovered that your recommendation was very good. # column does exactly what i need. And thus status column becomes totally obsolete (to me). Indeed, i have status icons that work quite well.

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Yeah, seems more intuitive to have a chronological sorting as a second criteria. It is alphabetical now.

Btw the ordering is even quite stranger that the posted above:

If i use # sort:

Mix of Dowloading/Paused/Queued_Download - # sort

Stopped - Alpha sort

Seeding - Alpha sort

Mix of Finished/Queued_Seed - Alpha sort

Seems like second criteria is always alpha.

You can sort by "status" colum, but there are 2 problems there # dont work and paused is same for downloading and seeding.

Microsoft did some good sorting with making three level criteria (winXP have even more).

First click defines the 3rd criteria, second defines the 2nd and last click defines the 1st. Every next click shifts the definition 1 level below.

So if you have "name", "type", "date" you can define to have "A... named docs made today" to stay ontop by

clicking name, then date, then type columns.


A0003 DOC Today

A0004 DOC Today

A0001 DOC Yesterday

A0002 DOC Yesterday

A0001 TXT Today

B0002 TXT Yesterday

I would be happy if this type of sorting is implemented but I am happy with # sorting, so i dont think any mess with that is desperatly needed.

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