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Linux How to utorrent


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Wow, I am a fan of utorrent and have been an advocate on the Linux forums.

I had no ideal the level of hostility!

Why so anti-Linux?

I was considering donating via paypay (I donate to opensource with some regularity). However, I run Linux and am surprised at the hostility in this forum.

Different tastes for different folks so to speak. At any rate, Linux has matured in even the last 6 months and some people, although perhaps in the minority, run without Microsoft. Some of the anti-Linux posts in this forum are a bit misinformed. I would encourage any interested in Linux to look into Ubuntu. The Ubuntu forums are VERY noobie friendly.

Ubuntu forums

At any rate, it is easy to run utorrent in Linux.

Here is the Ubuntu guide:

How to utorrent in Linux

Sorry to post a link, but it is VERY EASY to run utorrent in Linux.

It works in Fedora, Arch, SUSE, ect. The only change is the installation of wine.

utorrent runs fast and has a low footprint. It fits in well with the Linux philosophy.

If any Linux users would like help, you can PM me on the Ubuntu forums if you like.

Based on other posts to the Forums I can feel the heat already....

All I would ask is that you look at Linux with a more open mind.

At any rate, I will likely donate via pay-pal because I use utorrent.

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We have never been anti-Linux. µTorrent was designed specifically for the Windows environment, and we have always said that Wine is a viable option.

Where we get annoyed is from people asking -- no, demanding -- that a native Linux be made, right now. This isn't just once or twice, it's hundreds of times. It's not that we are against Linux (I've dual-booted Ubuntu myself) it's the pure fact that we currently have no one on the development team that is capable to do this.

The same can be said for the also-demanded "Mac Port." Crossover Office works quite good enough to do what you need, but there's much demand for a native OSX version. We don't have a Mac developer; what do you expect us to do?

To do native versions of a program that's already completely built around Windows 32bit APIs would require extensive programming skill, someone willing to do it for free, and complete trust from Ludde. It's no wonder this hasn't happened yet.

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Thank you Determination for your clarification.

I can understand the furstration with demands.

To be honest, I am not sure a port is needed as utorrent works just fine with wine and the set-up is easy.

All the same, a Linux port would be nice. If I knew an interested developer, where would I direct him or her?

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Are you really complaining about the Linux haters or are you just advertising Linux?

Anyways Determination pretty much said it all. There aren't so much Linux haters here, just a couple of people who are annoyed with people being annoyed about µtorrent not being native to Linux.


As Determination said Ludde isn't giving out the source code for µtorrent. So a µtorrent port is not going to happen. I don't think he's going to be persuaded by another Linux programmer.

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.... and neither

I am interested in advocating utorrent. It just so happens Linux is my preferred OS. If you follow the Ubuntu link you will see I have, in my own way, been supporting utorrent on Ubuntu.

I am also available as a resource to Linux users who would like to run utorrent.

I just found your forums today and felt hostility emanating from your site when I followed some of the previous Linux posts.

Now I understand your frustration, again thank you for your time.

I am not trying to advocate or advertise any OS, just correct a few misperceptions I felt on your forums about Linux and offer support for Linux users.

Use any OS you like.

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Er, I don't see *anywhere* in this forum where regulars exhibit anti-Linux sentiments, so I'm not sure how you can come into these forums and start your very first post off with that statement. We've been supportive of running µTorrent on Wine for a long time now, and there are several threads about running µTorrent on Wine already -- where's the anti-Linux sentiment?

I myself have helped people with Linux to run µTorrent and WebUI *countless* number of times already, and that's just myself. At least 2 people in the µTorrent community have written guides for running µTorrent on alternative operating systems (myself having written one, and Pelo's guide being the other that I know of), and my guide goes beyond just Linux, but to any operating system that runs Wine, or some variant of Wine (Mac OS X with CrossOver Mac). While my guide isn't not public yet, it's because the µTorrent user manual isn't either (which I'm still *sorta* working on). I'm really confused as to where you formed the basis for your initial statement, and am actually a bit annoyed with it.

The fact that we trash *dupe* requests for ports to alternative operating systems is NO reason to form such an opinion, as NO DUPES is our stance on ANY feature request.

By the way, running winecfg is NOT necessary at all. The minimal steps for me: install Wine, and run wine FULL_PATH_TO_UTORRENT from term. Sure, you can create links/shortcuts and whatnot, but the point is that any option in winecfg is entirely irrelevant, and does not affect µTorrent. Drivers? Not sure how it affects anything (and it didn't for me). Audio, nadah. UPnP? It's an OS-independent implementation, so selecting Windows XP is irrelevant as well. These are from MY investigations into running µTorrent on Wine. Though my time to test it was limited, I think I had a pretty good feel of how µTorrent ran on Linux to say that that's all you need to do with regards to Wine itself.

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First, thank you for the link to "Pelo's guide". I do not have time now, but I book marked the link and it looks good, very thorough.

Second, small detail, but you need to run winecfg to set up ~/.wine. No further configuration is required foe utorrent, although changing emulation to windows XP will help. Minimal steps:

1. Install wine.

2. Run winefg, you can exit immediatly no configuration required.

3. Download utorrent.exe to ~/.wine/c/Program\ Files

4. wine ~/.wine/c/Program\ Files/utorrent.exe

As far as anti-Linux sentiment search the forums for yourself, I'll not fan the flames here. Determination explained the "annoyance" with Linux users in these forums in his post. I now understand where and how the sentiment came from.

As to your annoyance, that is your burden. I'm over it already.

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