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Port Forwarding Problem


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I've followed the steps in portforward.com and set static IP as well

the weird thing was this used to work a few weeks ago and all of a sudden it stopped working

port is not open 65535

I've tried disabling my firewall but still no go, also tried random port still not opening...

Please advice.


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Modem is ZyXel Prestige660 RU-T1

then a Wireless router DLINK DI524

IP Address of DLINK is

DLINK settings:

DHCP Starting IP Address -

Static DHCP Client List (Wireless)

I'm running Trend Micro and tried disabling the firewall already

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I added Utorrent in the exception list and added a port in the windows firewall

also same thing with trend micro's firewall

Done tghe portforward, static ip, firewall rules

still cant get the port to work even thought it was working few weeks ago, no changes done to the computer

UTorrent's status is Red exclamation mark which is Not Connectable

downloading at 45kB/s

uploading at 65kB/s


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1. Set your static IP to be

2. Disabling the firewall is NOT enough. You have to uninstall it, or configure it properly.

3. Prestige660HW61, Prestige660HW67, Prestige660ME61, Prestige660R-61C, Prestige660R-63-67C, Prestige660RU-T1, take your pick. Whatever you have, you're likely double-NAT'd, which is a pain to resolve. If the only thing that's connected to the modem is your router, then you could simply set it to bridge mode. If your internet stops working, copy the PPPoE configuration from the modem to your router.

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1. I set the static ip to

2. How do you configure the firewall "properly"

I just added utorrent in the exception list, added the port tcp udp

3. As I said I have done all the portforwarding stuff for both modem and wireless router

it was working fine till 2 weeks ago.

How do I make the router to bridge mode or the modem?

Merged double post(s):

ZyXel 660RU-T1 is the ADSL2 modem I got from my ISP

and I've got Dlink DI-524 for wireless access

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The router needs to be given a static IP on the modem's subnet, since the modem functions as a router. Just like your computer is given an IP address on the router's subnet, the router (connected to the modem) is given an IP on the modem's subnet. You have to forward the port from the modem to the router, and from the router to your computer. The thing is, you have to give the router a static IP, otherwise its IP can POSSIBLY change, in which case the port forwarding rule from the modem to the router becomes invalid.

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