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Hi, about a month ago I installed uTorrent and everything went well... it completed my downloads before I got back from the toilet...!

A week ago I bought a new HD and installed a new Windows on it... and uTorrent of course. But now it seems that my client is connecting much slower than when I installed it. The Availability bar often appears red and occasionally some blue lines with red ones and that's it.

It won't download almost anything unless I shut the program down and reloading it about 10 times!!!

I'll be glad for some help and maybe a clue about what does this availability bar mean.

Thanks in advanced.

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Have you scanned your computer for viruses and trojans using general-purpose system monitoring software such as TCP view, Process Viewer, or HijackThis? (the first 2 can be found at www.sysinternals.com)

These can find stuff that conventional antivirus and antispyware software may miss.

You will need to use GOOGLE or some other search engine to determine if what they find is hostile or not.

Don't totally rule out even commercial software as hostile -- Sony's rootkit fiasco is proof enough of that!

Many games have copyprotection that is equally as noxious as that!

For antispyware software, I can only suggest SpyBot Seek and Destroy...fully updated of course.

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I guess that thanks was aimed at Switeck as well (before he even joined the thread). Why do I claim you didn't read my link? Because the test torrents are CLEARLY linked from there if you actually did read it. Anyway, whatever, I guess I'm not needed in this thread if a thanks was aimed for someone else when I was the only person attempting help at the time.

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