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Slow speed on highly seeded torret.. gah


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OK i've gone though all of Ulty's guides before even posting this. Evrything as far as i can see is green and good to go. Now normally i'll download files at 80-100kbs granted they have the seeds for it. Recently i started downloading a torrent that has these stats

Seeds 3 (1323)

Peers 75 (25368)

DL 0.6-0.9kbs

UL 12.3-88.0kbs

I have a Non-Blacklisted Internet with roughly 700kbs DL and 350kbs UL. I have max connections for torret set at 80 and only 1 torrent limit dl with 0 speed limit. and 100kbs upload limit.

And as far as system specs go

Windows XP SP2 With TCPIP.sys patched

4gig Ram @ 400mhz

1Tb Raid

P4 3.0ghz 800mhz fsb

Linksys - BEFSR41 (no restrictions all ports forwarded)

I know the basis of a torrent relies on the fact that people seed it. But with the ammount of seeds on this torrent i cant see that people aren't seeding? Any thoughts or comments that might help appriciated :)

Any thoughts would help

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If the OpenOffice.org torrent ran fine, then the problem lies with the torrent you're trying to download. More seeds != more speed.

To illustrate my point, I'll ask you this... does downloading from 100 peers on dial-up connections (each of which are uploading to other people as well) sound like it'd be fast, or does downloading from 10 peers, each of which are on 100mbit/s connections, sound faster?

Anyway, if there are a bunch of seeds, and it's progressing slowly, that's often a bad sign... bad meaning it might be a fake/poisoned torrent. What is the availability on the torrent?

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