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problem with speeds and reds that just started


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I've been using utorrent for a while now - always it worked great, i always had green buttons and i was happy!

suddenly, a couple of days ago, a problem started... 90% of the buttons i have are red, and as a result (i guess) the speeds have fallen dramatically (i can't get passed the 6-7k)

i changed NOTHING - my firewall still accepts utorrent (i set it manually and i think it's also set automatically) and the port is forwared....

i also read the FAQ a couple of times.. nothing helped.

PLEASE help me regain my speeds.. i'd hate to stop using utorrent over something that might be fixed :(

thank you!

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i read it thoroughly and changed everything according to your instructions...

HOWEVER... i got to the part with the "surfboard" modem.. and guess what? i have surfboard ! (:

the problem is: the link to that page is errored... i guess that actually just might be the problem, but i can't view the page that says how to fix it...

can you please help?

thanks in advance!

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