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615 avg kb/s to 99.7%, then suddenly dropped to 0.1 kb/s


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i am trying to download a [specifics removed] and it has done this twice now. i stopped it the first time and then tried to re-download the same torrent to a new location, and it went really fast, but there i sat once again, watching it count down to 15 seconds left, 10 seconds left, and it happened again, right at 99.7 percent.

also, the entire time that i download, the red exclamation point is at the bottom and says, "not connectable, a firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. you need to open up a port so others can connect to you."

i went through all the steps that it gives you at portforward.com after you check if your port is forwarded or open, which it of course gives me a red "failed" and says it's not open. i am using verizon fios and an actiontec MI424WR. i went through all the steps correctly (or so i think) and it still says the port is not open, and the red exclamation point is still apparent.

please help! i've downloaded other things before, about a month ago with utorrent and it worked fine, but this keeps on doing this! i haven't tried downloading anything else, just this [specifics removed], so i don't know if it's possible that that's the problem or not. anyways, thanks for the help if it's given!

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Has your computer's LAN ip changed?

Does your fios modem also contain a firewall/router that needs configuring? (Don't ask me back because I don't have Fios! Look it up on the internet, try google and/or its maker's website.)

Is the torrent a fake or poisoned? (Do a search here for examples/info about that if need be.)

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