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Problem with Mapped network drive


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I'm looking for info on this problem.

I'm storing all my torrent files and downloads on a networked drive, as my local HD is only 15gigs.

At first I was having lots of problems with too long of paths when I was using too many sub directories, which I fixed by maping the directory to a drive. Now I save the downloads to T:\BT, however I still am having problems.

Whenever I launch a new torrent, it always fails with "The system cannot find the path specified". The most recent would be "T:\BT\Duel\Duel.mp4.!ut" Under the general tab it shows the save as : "T:\BT\Duel"

Torrent starts to download, but whenever uTorrent attempts to write the partial file it has downloaded, that's when it fails. Usually within a minute of the torrent starting.

uTorrent seems to move the .torrent files on that same networked drive just fine (from auto start directory to the downloading directory), but not the actually file I'm downloading.

After the download fails, I can manually set download location to the exact same path I have in the preferences, start the download, and it works. The only difference that I can see, is that in the general tab, the save as has changed from T:\BT\Duel to T:\BT. This isn't practical to have to change every download. I also want to be able to use the auto load directory for .torrents so I can start downloads remotely.

If I use a .torrent that is only one file, and not a directory with multiple files, then it will download just fine, so it seems to be a problem with uTorrent creating a directory.

I have full read/write priviliges on file server, which is a FBSD server running samba. I don't have any problems with read/write using any other application or computer from the server. I can create directories and other files without any problem.

Pre-allocate all files is off

Append .!ut to incomplete files is on

Set to start downloads automatically.

Network drive has 100gigs free and is only for bittorrent use.

Computer running uTorrent is win2k and running uTorrent 1.6

I have tried changing drive location, write caching on/off, using seperate directories for active and finished downloads, and nothing seems to have any effect.

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not that I know of. I've done alot with that server and not had a problem like this unless the permissions were set incorrectly, and I've already double-checked that.

I was using the "bittorrent' client first, and it was working fine, except it had this tendancy to crash my system. I didn't have any problems in file creation with that client, and I was using longer names.

It's just wierd that I can start a torrent with just a file, and it works fine, but when I try to start a torrent that creates a directory, it fails until I manually point it's save location to the default location in the preferences. It doesn't create the subdirectory that way, but it does download.

Anyone else got any suggestions??

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I was having a similar problem when trying to run Force Re-Check on a torrent with a large number of files. The check would consitently fail at 19.5% completed, and the logger would show that it couldn't access several files. Looking into the problem, I determined that utorrent was trying to open too many files, and was hitting a limit on the server during the Re-Check.

Running 'limits' on the system showed that it was only allowing ~1700 openfiles. Increasing the default to 20480, allowed the Re-Check to complete and the torrent to download the missing files.

On FreeBSD, just add the following to /boot/loader.conf:



Then reboot the system.

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I'm also getting the same problem as I also save my torrents to a Network drive. The file path is under 256 characters and I'm using Vista.

Everything was working great until the recent version change of utorrent. That is the only change that has occured.

Now, if I select a past file location I get the "The system cannot find the path specified" but if I manually find the path again, it works. This may sound like a good temp solution but all the files that I schdule fail.

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