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Alright I started to download a file last night and then let it sit because I find I i let it sit it just goes well. well I woke up and check to see if the file had finished downloading and It has stopped tried restarting the download (didn't work) tried rebooting my computer, and resetting th internet connection, I have tried disabling my Firewall, uninstalling the program, finding a new file to download. rebooted my router, ... gosh just about everything else I could possibly think of.

I am using Window xp mc

I has NIS

my router is a netgear router and my modem is the one given to me by the cable company

I am using charter internet the fastest available I think its 2mbps

those are my speed results

Last result for your IP: 2832/243 Kbps

And under the tracker it just says no connection

and if there really isn't then I guess I wouldn't be able to type this no would I

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