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back again!!!!!!!!!:(


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having sorted out my problem before hand.thanks to you guys

i have now encountered another.

i have my ports fowarded.status light is always green

before my download speeds was around 200KB/s.upload about 40KB/s

now however the upload speeds remain the same.but the download has

dropped to around 27KB/s.i have tried altering the speed settings and

downloaded the openoffice.org file.same speed.

any help would be great.thank you

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sory guys about the long waited reply.right.havent spoke to my isp as yet(will do tommorow)

my router is a bt hub which ive had for about 2 months now.i had this problem before now so

i formatted the hard drive and every thing was fine(green status light,ports fowarded,speeds

that i was happy.etc).now the problem has arose,so i formatted again.but no,the problem remains.

have tried various torrents such openoffice,etc.to no avail

what now,i wonder????????????????

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Check your ISP's home pages for a Useage Policy -- this is how you're allowed to use the connection you're leasing. They may specifically prohibit file-sharing or "running servers", in which case they almost certainly are throttling your connection.

Doing GOOGLE searches for your ISP + BitTorrent problems may find someone else confirmed if your ISP throttles Bittorrent traffic.

...Just as a guess, I think it's likely they do.

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When calling up your ISP, it helps to be overarmed for any possible question or statement they throw back at you.

Do some more homework -- are regular downloads from websites slowed? What about FTP downloads? If you run other file-sharing programs, are they equally affected? Getting good results from GOOGLE searches is often hit-or-miss about problems, so make another attempt at that if you got anything even halfway odd the first time.

Check out your ISP's website again, carefully! Have they made any changes recently concerning speeds/useage policy?

Ask them if there's been any policy or functional changes to the connection that would cause your downloads to drop from speeds of around 200 KB/sec to 30 KB/sec TOPS. That these downloads are via BitTorrent is really immaterial, even the BBC shares torrents now! It'd be like saying an ISP throttles FTP because they don't consider it to be a "regular" part of the internet because it's using too much of their bandwidth.

Outside help has concluded the likely problem is either a misconfiguration in the modem or incompatibility between modem and router...or an ISP policy towards different kinds of network traffic, as not everything is EQUALLY slowed. The only way they could do this is if they're reading packet information. (They may claim to just be reading "packet headers"...but that's enough to tell not just packet type but also destination ip/s and a little bit more.) Ask them if this means they're reading your emails as well. You really don't want to be on a 1984 "big brother" ISP if you can help it!

Lastly, if they hint they have the right to throttle connections based on useage while at the same time implying you may be doing something illegal...you have to clearly state that since other people (local friends hopefully even) are NOT having this problem that you are seriously considering changing ISPs. You may be under a contract for 6 months/1 year on that ISP, however the ISP breaking the contract agreement by (arbitrary) changes without notice is grounds for dissolving the contract with no legal penalties.

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ok.spoke to bt.pretty much useless.chuck question after question at them.

there too calm for my liking(but then they got to be)

all they could come up with is that someone woulde phoning me in about 3 days

after some severe lines tests.couldnt shout at her cause she sounded quite sweet!!

any whooo.ive did loads of line tests.and all is fine(or so it seems)

spose i just have too wait until they call..........:(

p.s..thanx for the advice switeck

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