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WRT54G router and forward port problems.


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Alright so I am trying to use uTorrent. I was following a guide in the portforward.com website that is specifically for my router (Linksys WRT54G) and for uTorrent. That guide is here: »www.portforward.com/english/rout···rent.htm

I followed it all the way, not having any problems since everything is pretty straight forward and basic. However, still when having finished and when I run the port forwarding test, my browser opens the relevant page and says that my port is not open.

I have tried removing my router and just using the internet directly with just my modem and even disabling windows firewalll. Which means no router, no router firewall, no window firewall to block any ports etc and still it gives me the same error in uTorrent and real slow speeds.

This picture shows what I am getting regardless of using the router or not but I would like to be able to uTorrent working using the router because I need in order to connect my second PC.


Any help is appreciated,


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