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First of all thanks for your excellent works i can now use Utorrent on my modded Xbox instead of TorrentFlux which is CPU instensive.

Request Number 1:

Multi Users With differents Rights

a user which is normal user cannot stop the torrent of another user.

an admin can delete every torrent.

a moderator can remove torrents from users but not from Admin or other moderators.

Only admin can set users level.

( Users Registration Admin can set to Validate manually or maybe Mail in the futur too )

Request Number 2:

on Torrentflux what i liked is every users had a folder Made.

So now everyone that set a direct download Dir that dir would show Up when a new user account is been made a folder with ~NAME would show up in this dir browser.

The ability to Download Already Downloaded Files VIA http or even gzip the folder and send via HTTP. ( same for files too Can be zipped ) Icon would be next to X icon ( Stop ) would be a folder on the left would be the users list and users folder on the right In Details would be filesize and completion time ( optionnal )

Request Number 3:

( This would be a collumn on the right under the search Box )

Stats of what has been downloaded so far.

Last 10 added files to download

Last 10 finished files

Top 10 files with Highest Ratio

Top 10 files with lowest Ratio

Numbers of Registered Users

( Here Personal User Info How much he downloaded how much are currently downloaded and Total of files *Avatar and More detailed Info would be optionnal* )

Here would be Code the Admin can insert like IFRAME or GoogleADS and Even VotePoll and News.

Why all those features Request?

Some users use Dedi Box and Torrentflux for a few users of them to download on High Speed Box even i did that at home my friends had Limited Upload so i would set My Global Max and torrentflux was respecting the Global Max even if the users said Max Upload is 90KB on this torrent it wouldn't it would Load Balance Between Users.

On a Home connection its crap but on a Dedi Box on a OC-3 line god that rocks!

So utorrent been the best out there in ressource usage and speed i ask for those features of course everyone might reject those and say WTF?!? GO DO IT URSELF! <--- if i knew how i would..

Anyway Thanks for those who read this Topic and are considering doing this!! also leave ur comments about my idea :)

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All these requests are valid, but they don't really apply to the WebUI.

I do not see a multi-user system ever being implemented in µTorrent for the WebUI, because nobody could/should arse ludde into doing it. A multi-user system should be handled by a 3rd party app, something like TorrentFlux (ie. a php/perl/python script). It should be relatively easy to make.

I'll maybe try to make something like this sometime in the near future.

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yeah well 3rd app like PHP would make it way slower if you check Torrentflux it use a Python Downloader and PHP/MYSQL in majority...

Since utorrent doesnt want plugins and multiusers might not be of interest to everyone 3rd party is almost The only choice :\

Of course Utorrent could make files with users info but then again mysql is better at this so user who would want the whole thing would have to install WAMPP

or was it XAMPP?

Of course i did a old post about this in the past Torrentflux Most CPU usage is because of they BT client not PHP or MYSQL itself... so if Utorrent was the client for Torrentflux and some fix are done in the torrentflux itself should works i guess.

*Torrentflux start a New Process for Each Torrents so would have to find a way to Manage Them All under 1 process which is Utorrent and still display the usual Informations on Torrentflux also remove the Ports Settings from TorrentFlux ( where users specified a Different Port for each torrent almost :\ )

dunno if someone actually did it how much time it would takes but would sure rocks!

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