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Maximize Single Torrent


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Although it's possible to max out your download speed with just 1 torrent, it's often rate-limited by how fast you're uploading. If you're only uploading at 25 KB/sec, then getting 50 KB/sec download back is a pretty good deal on torrents with seeds barely equal to the number of peers.

Most people don't have more than 25 KB/sec upload speed TOTAL, and they often run multiple torrents at once, and they often have upload slots set to 4 (or higher), ...many reduce their upload speed in their BitTorrent program lower than their max by far. That makes it hard if not impossible to max out a fast download max connection.

I come from older file-sharing networks where maintaining 5 KB/sec download speed 24/7 was good. BitTorrent isn't neccessarily faster if very many people seek to max their download speeds at the expense of their upload speed.

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