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seed while problems


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i wanna reach my goal, i should do is:

step1: set "ratio is <=" to 90

step2: enable "Limit the upload rate to [use 0 to stop torrent]", and set the value to 0

step3: in bandwidth limiting, set "Alternate upload rate when not downloading(kB/s)" to 0

the when the download is over, it will stops, if i did ALL OF THE STEPS ABOVE


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Scratch that, it's more like a severe case of me being unable to read if my life depended on it. All you need to have set is the ratio and "Limit the upload rate to" option to 0. Set the alternative upload rate to whatever you had it before (disabled if you've never needed it). As I stated, though, if you're modifying it from the preferences, you need to stop and start all the torrents again.

@silverfire: Excuse utorrentfans' double-post. I deleted my post between his previous 2 posts because of my absolute stupidity =o

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