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XML Feed for Download Status


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I'm developing a tiny media centre application for using my PC with a wireless mouse through my TV. I'd like to be able to incorporate my uTorrent download stats into my application. Does the Web UI feature the ability to make an XML feed available or is it possible to use Web UI without logging in, so my app could pull the details straight from the webpage without the complications of logging in?


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Enable the Guest account and you can use for example:


for an array with info of the torrents. However the http auth (login with Guest) part might be hard to implement if your programming language doesn't support it in the url (which is very likely). Besides the XML/HTTP get equivalent might try to interpret the info as XML while you'll have to manually parse it into something useful.

In the end its not easy and might require reasonable knowledge of headers (http-auth), regular expressions and of course the program language you are using for your application.

Anyway it is not XML. I don't think µtorrent/webui has an option to supply XML formatted info.

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Hi there!

I pretty much have the same problem. I would like to use the total upload/download information extracted to use in another html page.

Is there any command like this for only showing the total down/upload speed (and maybe total number of active torrents)?

Thanks a lot.



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