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Firefox 2.0 causing drops in speed?


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Recently I've had problems with internet connections seeming to slow down to almost disconnection and then randomly peaking back up, affecting both uTorrent and Firefox (2.0).

However is seems that if I close uTorrent, Firefox seems to run fine, and closing Firefox lets uTorrent do its business.

Also if I run uTorrent and use Internet Explorer, neither uTorrent or IE is affected.

I never had this problem when I was back using Firefox so is it possible that it's a setting in Firefox 2 that is clashing with uTorrent and causing both of them to run poorly?

If anyone has any similar problems or has any response or idea of how to fix please post.

I have read that others are having similar "peaks" in their connections. I wonder if they are also using Firefox 2?


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I am having close to the same problem... For some reason, as long as uTorrent si open, even if it is not doing anything, my uTorrent speeds are fine, but firefox is barely crawling along... I even tried switching back to IE and had the same problem. I never had this problem with any other client, only uTorrent... It really sucks, too... I like the way uTorrent works better than any other. I have got to get this fixed though, or start using one of the others again... Any suggestions other than the above? I haven't modified anything, and I wouldn't know how to do so if I wanted to!

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