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upload problem


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when I download one torrent from utorrent my upload is always on 45 kb/s and so my download,

when I download more the one torrent lets say 3 torrents my upload is still in total on 45 kb/s and so my download.

I know that my max download is 600 kb/s and I can upload much faster then 45 kb/s

so what is the problem.?? why is my upload doesn't go more then 50 kb/s. I know that many guys download on 200 kb/s and I cant because my upload doent go below 50 and my max download is about 60 because of the slow upload.

I need a solution plss...

I have a router linksys speedbuster but I use a cable.

my upload limit on 0 (no limit ) and so my download.

I just change the number of upload slots per torrent to 50 but I dont know what is this means, can some one explain for me is it doing ??....

thanks for suggestions ! :rolleyes:

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