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Traffic Shaping with PE enabled?


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I use uTorrent for ages without any problem. About 2 months ago, I changed my ISP, and noticed that the new ISP is throttling my connection. So I enabled PE and everything started working again.

But, starting some days ago, my uTorrent is SLOW even with PE enabled. U/L speed ranges from 5 to 30 k/s while download is usually stuck at 10-20 k/s (I used to get 150 k/s download). I tried uTorrent and Azureus, both with several torrents, including Open Office, and got always the same result.

I tried some suggestions from this forum, but none seems to work. Question is: are ISPs able to throttle P2P even with encryption now? I live in Brazil and my ISP is "Ajato".

Thanks for any info!

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Many ISPs are throttling anything their packet sniffers can't recognize. If you can determine your max sustainable upload speed, you probably should use that as your real limit.

Try reducing global connections to 40 max, disabling DHT, enable peer exchange, use FORCED protocol encryption, disable legacy connections, enable peer.lazy_bitfield, disable resolve ips/show country flags, and lastly reduce half-open connection max for µTorrent to only 4. This should make it seem like you have FAR fewer things going on with your connection, as some ISPs have started throttling whenever they see a line making lots of connections rather than just checking protocol types.

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