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speed download problem (sorry im french my UK is bad) [help !]


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Good morning, I précide has everybody that I am Francais and that it sagit of a traductin (

grieved for errors)

I held has feliciter the createur of Utorrent because j uses BiTcomeT which is hypelent and compatible on everything tracker (probleme dht apparement)

Me I use the derniere version because the béta n is not much to be not rather stable and not of francais over

my speed of emmisions =Upload are of 60 to see 70 KB / dryness maximum what is beacoup

On the other hand (and it is for it that I am here) My speed of reception is tres slow as on bitcomet I never exceed 30 KB / dryness

while my connectyion allows me of alle has 500 KB / dryness on ftp

Can use me has regler my Utorrent Ou to say to me how to telecharger quickly

Thank you for translating your answer into FRENCH leaving = here

http: // reference.aol.com / translator

thank you for helping me it is important I am fed up there to rammer on the bittorrent protocol

merci :o)

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