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Download speed is sporadic


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Thanks for a terrific product, it looks slick and professional. I do have a problem though: at some point in time I was hitting 100 KB/s download which was great since that was more or less the capacity of my pipe, but minutes after that my traffic graphs started looking like this (while downloading 2 popular torrents and 2 somewhat more rare ones):




(different time scales)

The traffic appears to spike up but just when it gets going it drops back to almost zero. I've closed all other internet apps (Firefox, Skype, etc) and it is not a wifi router, and I'm the only one on the network, etc. etc.

Does anyone have an idea where to look for a solution to this problem?



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Problem with your connection (shraring connection with another computer etc.) maybe.

I have same problem with torrents from free trackers. But I think that is problem with seeders/leecher bcause they're using upload limiting. Only with torrent from registered tracker I can reach my full speed.

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I've also encountered a problem on weak torrents when I have upload slots set to 3 or fewer. I'll get tied into very slow peers that are barely interested in downloading/uploading anything. Checking the use more upload slots if upload speed <90% helps, but I still have to leave upload slots at 3 or 4 to avoid this problem occassionally...which means NOT running very many torrents.

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Upload = 30 KB/s (Bytes, not bits)

Dowload = 105 KB/s

I ran several tests, but it keeps dropping the traffic. For example with "use more upload slots if upload speed <90%" checked, and upload limited to 30 KB/s and download limited to 45 KB/s. Global max connections = 200, Max connections per torrent = 100, upload slots per torrent = 4 (also tested 6, no difference).

Also, some of the torrents I'm downloading are pretty popular in terms of content. Here is a screenshot:


Does anyone know something I should try?

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The problem may also be due to those torrents.

Even on excellent torrents such as Open Office, you'll see "ocean waves" of download speed peaks and valleys...maybe only averaging 50-80% your connection's max. You simply cannot expect a consistant download rate from any ip.

However more concerning is when upload speeds don't stay near max. You may suddenly be uploading more to 1 ip than others, but µTorrent is supposed to make an "honest" effort to keep your upload speed high. For me, it usually is high/max.

The 4 unknown torrents I see in your picture are not very good examples.

#1 shows classic overseeding, possibly leaving the few peers little chance to download from each other.

#2 simply hasn't downloaded enough to ramp up to speed on the upload side, as quite likely you have nothing the other peers don't already have.

#3 you're only connected to 1 peer...even if you have something he doesn't, its HIS call to ask for pieces from you.

#4 same situation as #2.

Now having said all that, there's still a problem. Something is killing your connection...be it ISP interferance, faulty networking hardware/software, or bad settings causing overloads.

My first (most likely?) guess: Your networking hardware ...probably your router cannot handle the total connections being made. Maybe DHT's UDP packets are "murdering" its ability to maintain TCP connections?

guess #2...although you've got the green light, your software firewall is still discarding numerous incoming and possibly even outgoing packets as "malformed". This might also explain why DHT only finds 9 nodes.

guess #3...your µTorrent's half open connection limit is set too high.

another guess...upload slots are set to 1 or 2 and use additional upload slots if <90% is unchecked.

Try Ultima's guides for problem connections.

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