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about port forwarding


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it is strange haw you missed the point in my topic....

i didnt set any static ip and i didnt forward any ports on my ruter...

i installed u torrent and it just worked... i was surprised so i thought

i might give you the feed back....thank you

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its not luck.. i just found out what happend...my internet connection wasnt working properly

so i was told by my internet provider to set my dns adresses manually...

and that what made the port open.....

so is it a new rule??? can we say that we dont need port forwarding anymore and all we need

is to set the dns adresses manually??

i leave the final word to the admins .....thats for sure..

thank you

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yes..thats true.. i was actuly losing connection with the internet so they made me set

those dns adresses......

i dunno what do you mean by its usless because actuly it solved my connection problem...

i dont know olso if i was using upnp or not but its enabled at my router...

but the upnp interface is not checked at my connection services menu....

anyway it did make u torrent port work without any port forwarding.. belive me..

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