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My download speed decreased without reason please HELP!


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Dear friends.

My download speed used to be always at 35-40 KBs and my upload 12-15 KBs (by the way I did limit to 80%) since i have a 500/150 Kbs cable connection. I am using utorrent 1.6, and i really don't know if using this version could be the reason to cause this. I am an Utorrent user long time ago.

From 1-2 week aprox my download speed decreased to 5-15 and sometimes it goes to 40 but right now i have a speed of 6.... what could be happening.

I use to use ver 1.4 (could be this one reason?).

I have plenty of seeders for example and when i try to download from an open tracker i get 47-50 KBs.

I upgraded my internet conecction like 4 months ago from 300/100 to 512/150 Kbs but after that I had a good speeds between 30-40 KBs.

Casually this morning I start to download the torrent again and I have speed that drop between 18-37 KBs (that is OK with me) but this afternoon i am having 6-12 KBs so I really don't get it. Could be the new version of utorrent... as long as i was using ver. 1.4 i didn't had trouble so far.

Besides, I still have doubts about why if I have a list for example of 15 peers and 10 of them had completed 100% of that torrent i didn't get a single bit from them.... and i get like 0.5, 0.1 KBs and if iwas lucky if I got 5 KBs from just one of them.

I have green light and my port is open (cheked already), i have half max conections set to 64 (I have installed the patch already TCPIP.sys). My ulpoad is capped at 13 and when i am nos using nothing it is configured to 15 and my download speed is capped at 40. So i am trying to maintain at min. the speed drops.

Pretty weird don't you think.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance for your help.. i really aprecciate it



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Please tell us all the settings you're using as shown on the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) screen.

Also, half-open connection limit in µTorrent not only must be lower than Windows XP's max...it also should not be particularly high if your global connection limit is low, which yours SHOULD be due to being on a "minimal" broadband connection. So there's really NO reason to change µTorrent's half-open connection limit from 8...except maybe to try decreasing it as low as 4 for extra line stability and lower churn rate. Making and breaking connections eats bandwidth, so a high half-open rate just consumes bandwidth for little net gain most of the time.

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I had Comcast cable and when it would get colder out my connection would get worse... you could see the difference in the log in the cable modem. (192.168.x.x) After SEVERAL techs I ended up getting a BI-Directional signal amplifier, and t he problems went away. I dont use comcast anymore, too puny up stream.

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