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help! pipex traffic shaping/throttling...


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i recently signed up for pipex homecall not knowing that they throttle p2p, it took about 7-8 weeks to connect and went live on the 31st of october. im having these same problems with utorrent ie cant get over 20kb/sec, ive tried everything, the encryption, port 443 etc etc but i still cant get my speeds to go up. im connected to lots of seeds just no speed at all.

is there anyway for me to get out of this 12 month contract? or is that me stuck with this stressful crap for 12 months? when on the phone to them this morning to ask them what was going on the guy told me they absolutely do not throttle any p2p, they only use the fair use policy where you will get throttled if you are a really heavy user which im not. i know from scouring thru forums that this is total and utter lies!

i dont really know what to do now, im at the end of my tether tbh

another thing is, when i asked what realm/network i was connecting with ie extreme 4 etc he told me i was on the tiscali network and funnily enough when i done a speed test on adsl guide they detected my isp as tiscali?

does this mean im getting the same service as tiscali customers?

any help much appreciated



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check what it says here about your isp: http://www.dnsstuff.com/

I'm pipex, utorrent in linux and 2mb set up in March 06, I show as Pipex

there have been some changes since I went with them, but I have no probs. Before this was with Homecall, pile of crap, Tiscali re-sellers. So I will be interested to know what dns says on your isp.

oh, yes, I use forced encryption, port forward, netgear router, port 55001 or there abouts

max out with good torrents

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If you can show pipex is violating its own contract, you can declare the contract null and void...especially if the said "ISP" is not actually offering broadband internet access.

Note: Broadband internet access from what I've read numerous places implies a MINIMUM speed of 128 kilobits/sec download although it is vague/nonexistant about upload speeds.

It isn't a stretch to say that since BitTorrent traffic is such a sizeable amount of internet traffic that not allowing BT traffic at broadband speeds is really a failure to provide broadband internet access. That this is willfull on their part rather than temporary/accidental outage.

However 20 KB/sec is more than 128 kilobits/sec. So you are technically (barely) getting broadband bittorrent speeds at least some of the time.

The terms and agreement of your ISP is very important, if they explicitly state throttling services to maintain fair use...you may not have much to complain about.

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