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Torrent Hash Value


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The creation of a hasvalue using SHA1 is part of the bittorrent protocol afaik. And thus every torrent client does it and they all do it internally.

The hashvalue is used as an unique identification string for the data in a torrent (and thus the torrent as a whole).

You have to be more clear about what you are trying to do. The webui has nothing to do with the hash except being able to display it. hash values can't and shouldn't be influenced by the end user.

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At the moment i'm capturing the torrent information into a db before i send it to utorrent.

I then use the name & compare it to the list in the web ui to get the hash value which is then stored in the db.

Then i have lotsa functions that i use with the info, sends sms when certain criterias are matched ... etc ...etc

At the moment the name compare is very buggy as some people use all the quation symbols which gives errors.

Thats y i want to calculate what hash the file produces so i can referance the file directly without all the major scripting and processing the list every minute...

should speed up and reduce load by many a % ..


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